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IT’S Life-Changing

By becoming a foster carer, you’re not just giving back to your community, you’re providing a young person with the chance to feel safe, loved & supported to grow. That journey begins with you.

Lighthouse Foster Care provides tailored support, therapeutic care and a sense of community for our foster carers. 

Our unique model works by uniting foster carers around a central ‘Hub Home’ where trained therapeutic carers offer regular respite, sleepovers, access to trauma informed support and advice to the entire foster family. 

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Lighthouse is in urgent need of foster carers who are willing to help better the lives of vulnerable children in the Melbourne, Victoria. 

Foster carers come from all walks of life and offer a range of different types of foster placements. We know that every child is different and every home is different. 

As a foster carer, you will provide stability and support, while also being supported through your foster care journey with Lighthouse. 

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lighthouse's model of care

Lighthouse provides a unique Model of Care that is trauma informed, therapeutic in its approach and designed to address the complex needs of children and young people impacted by neglect, abuse and homelessness. 

With 30 years experience providing homes and therapeutic care for traumatised children and young people and babies, Lighthouse is paving a new way forward in foster care. We provide therapeutic care and continuous tailored support to help young people grow.

Our Model of Care ensures that foster carers are guided to care for young people using trauma-informed approaches, attachment theory, and contemporary psychoanalytic theory.


Susan Barton AM is a revolutionary Australian leader in the area of babies, children and youth homelessness. 

The Founder and Director of Lighthouse began caring for vulnerable young people in her own home more than 40 years ago following a life-changing experience as a volunteer in a Sri Lankan orphanage.

 This was the catalyst that started her on her own foster care journey, and that would eventually lead her to establish Lighthouse Foundation. 

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24/7 Support

We're on hand to help around the clock to provide advice and support.

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In-Home Support

Therapeutic Carers who can role model therapeutic approaches to caring for young people in your own home.

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Learning and development

Receive ongoing learning through individual clinical supervision and group reflective practice for foster carers.

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Connection to the community

Local volunteers are on hand to build a sense of belonging and connection through assistance, support and community events.

Lighthouse's Model of Care

Be guided to care for young people using trauma-informed approaches, attachment theory, and contemporary psychoanalytic theory.

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Additional Respite

In addition to regular respite, the opportunity for care to be provided by our therapeutic carers in our Hub Homes for extra support.


Foster Carers come from all walks of life, but the one thing they have in common is the difference they want to make in a young person’s life. Having walked in your shoes before, they wanted to share with you their own experience so you’re able to see the bigger picture of how fostering can be a truly rewarding and enriching journey for everyone involved.

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Meet Clare

Learn how Clare was completely new to foster care, and how she was guided by Lighthouse.

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Can a single guy provide foster care? James has proven you can.

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Meet Leonie

Discover how Leonie has experienced a better way to foster care with Lighthouse.

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