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IT’S Life-Changing

Becoming a Lighthouse foster carer is one of the most meaningful things you’ll ever do. As a foster carer you’ll be helping some of Victoria’s most vulnerable children and young people. Providing them with the stability, compassion and kindness they need while assisting them to overcome challenges. Along the way you’ll be sharing and celebrating in the joy of their progress and supported financially to care for them.

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If you’re over 21, have a spare room and are willing to undergo a background check, then you’re already half-way there. We welcome carers regardless of if you’re single, married or living with a partner. Your background, sexual orientation or culture is never an issue – you are welcome at Lighthouse.


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24/7 Support

We’re on hand to help around the clock. Including over the phone and via urgent in-home support from therapeutic carers.

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Regular respite support with therapeutic carers

Monthly overnight stays at our Hub Home are available for foster parents and young people, as well as weekly homework clubs.

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Learning and development

Receive ongoing training and support tailored to your needs. So you can help your child or young person to the best extent possible.

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Connection to the community

Carefully considered local Community Committee volunteers are on hand to assist and support you.

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For the fostering community to connect and build relationships with each other.

Our Hub Home is a dedicated location that helps foster carers to connect, reflect and grow.

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Regular social events

For the fostering community to connect and build relationships with each other.

The Lighthouse

Our promise is to provide foster carers with genuine care, a sense of community and a consistent circle of support so they can look after some of Victoria’s most vulnerable children. We believe community is integral to caring for young people, because it takes a village to raise a happy, healthy and thriving child – a village where everyone’s emotional, physical and mental health is nurtured.

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Our program works to create community. With strong bonds made between carers, families, young people and our team so that everyone works together. It’s our goal that each individual develops lasting ties and gains a real sense of identity and belonging.

Our Hub Home

One of the standout benefits of Lighthouse Foster Care is that you and the child or young person in your care can regularly attend our Hub Home. It’s available for breaks from carer duties, events as well as connecting and learning more from those that are highly experienced in our carer and volunteer community.

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Susan began caring for vulnerable young people in her very own home 40 years ago, before starting Lighthouse Foundation ten years later. Since then Lighthouse Foundation has assisted more that 1,000 young people to transform their lives, with that number growing each year.


Foster Carers come from all walks of life, but the one thing they have in common is the difference they want to make in a young person’s life. Having walked in your shoes before, they wanted to share with you their own experience so you’re able to see the bigger picture of how fostering can be a truly rewarding and enriching journey for everyone involved.

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Meet Clare

Learn how Clare was completely new to foster care, and how she was guided by Lighthouse.

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Can a single guy provide foster care? James has proven you can.

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Meet Leonie

Discover how Leonie has experienced a better way to foster care with Lighthouse.

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Volunteer your time

When you lend a hand, the biggest reward can be in how it makes you feel, the skills you’ll learn and the friends you make along the way. Like to become a community committee volunteer member? Go here to find out about volunteering.

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Become a sponsor partner

We welcome participation from individuals, groups, businesses and media organisations that can donate services, products, properties, ideas and funds that will aid and assist us. To explore your opportunities, go here.

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Donate to Lighthouse

Donations and bequests are a great way to support the work the Lighthouse Foundation do within foster care, and with Australia’s young people and their families. Click here to make your contribution and select ‘foster care’ when donating.