Our special place of support, community and celebration

Our Foster Care Hub Home

The Lighthouse Foster Care Hub Home is a central place of support and community for foster families and young people. It is a place where they can come together as a community, where the children can stay overnight for respite or during the day for after school club. The home will also be used to provide training to foster carers as well as have the hub community come together for events and celebrations such as birthdays or barbecues. Our Hub Home ultimately aims to become a ‘home away from home’ for all of our foster families.

Supported by a Lighthouse community committee

The hub is supported by a Lighthouse Community Committee of local volunteers who dedicate their time to supporting the hub, our foster carers and children in the program. This committee expands the support network of the fostering families who also contribute to fundraising activities.

Neutral, safe space

The Hub Home offers a neutral, safe space where children and their foster families can work out where they are in their relationship, express their feelings in appropriate ways and work to resolve potentially difficult situations

An anchor for many young people

The hub will also create an anchor for many young people well after they have left care. It is a place where they can return as they navigate their way into independence. It will become, for some children and young people, the place where they can safely connect and reconnect with their Lighthouse extended family.