Mark your calendar for foster care week. September 12 – 18, 2021 - Lighthouse Foster Care
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Mark your calendar for foster care week. September 12 – 18, 2021

Foster Care Week is a special time for us, our community, carers and young people.

It happens each year to raise awareness about the place of foster care in the wider community, and many events are put in place annually around Victoria to recognise the enormous contributions of foster carers and the tireless work they do looking after vulnerable children.

We celebrate the enormous contribution of foster carers and everything they do to help our most vulnerable children not just on this week but regularly! However the week is a great opportunity to bring everyone together, and also let others know how personally rewarding it can be.

Our group of extraordinary, unique individuals make our communities and society a better place by offering support, security, love and understanding to the children in their care. We know from experience that being a foster carer isn’t always easy, but it is extremely satisfying, and truly does change a young person’s life forever. So, to all our amazing foster carers, thank you!

We are always looking for more long-term foster carers to join our new program, and when you’re part of the Lighthouse Foster Care family you’re provided with continuous support, regular respite and breaks and access to our unique Hub home. Do reach out to us regarding your interest in Foster Care during the week or better still, sooner! Whatever your enquiry or request for information, we’d love to hear from you and there’s plenty we can share.

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