The Lighthouse Difference

Connection, community, care, professionalism

Lighthouse’s foster care program is grounded in connection – the creation of a community that walks alongside foster carers and children in their care. It’s our lifelong commitment because we know that providing secure, stable and consistent support will ultimately generate better life outcomes for the children and young people that enter Lighthouse’s foster care program.

This philosophy is strengthened by Lighthouse’s approach to therapeutic and holistic care. We recognise that each child and young person will come to us with individual needs and experiences, so we tailor the support we provide and the resources we call upon accordingly.

Lighthouse foster carers are supported by a community of professional carers, psychologists, community committees, and other support services, including our ‘Lighthouse Hub Home’– all of which work together to help the child heal, grow and thrive in life.

Therapeutically-trained professional carers

Lighthouse carers are supported with a robust system of operational and clinical support and ongoing training enabling a genuine therapeutic response to children and young people in OOHC. They will provide respite opportunities to the foster families in the afternoon, as well as home-based care. The therapeutic carers will be able to work alongside families in their own home if needed.

Psychological support to foster carers and families

Lighthouse’s carers will be able to access support sessions with a psychologist to help understand their interactions with their foster child and develop their capacity to look after them. Further to this, regular groups will be offered for our carers to come together to learn as a group with a psychologist. Children will be able to access a range of therapies in separate rooms at the hub.