The Lighthouse PROGRAM

With 30 years in care, we know the power of community

Lighthouse’s foster care program provides tailored support, therapeutic care and a sense of community for foster care families across the greater Melbourne region.

Our unique ‘Hub’ model works by uniting families around a central ‘Hub Home’, where trained Lighthouse therapeutic carers offer regular respite, sleepovers, access to clinical support, and advice to the entire foster family. With strong relationships at its core, the Hub acts as a home away from home, facilitating regular social activities for families and local volunteers to connect, reflect and enjoy their time together. This helps to create a ‘village’, or extended family of support for each child, allowing them to develop positive, healthy attachments with multiple adults who care about their safety and wellbeing.

Lighthouse believes this strong sense of community will help to improve the overall stability and continuity in care, and give foster families the quality, tangible support they need to thrive. This program aims to put an end to ‘revolving door’ out-of-home care experiences and instead, allow new generations of children to create lifelong relationships, a sense of identity and belonging.


24/7 Support image

24/7 Support

We’re on hand to help around the clock. Including over the phone and via urgent in-home support from therapeutic carers.

Regular Respite Support With Therapeutic Carers image

Regular respite support with therapeutic carers

Monthly overnight stays at our Hub Home are available for foster parents and young people, as well as weekly homework clubs.

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Learning and development

Receive ongoing training and support tailored to your needs. So you can help your child or young person to the best extent possible.

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Connection to the community

Carefully considered local Community Committee volunteers are on hand to assist and support you.

Hub home preview image

For the fostering community to connect and build relationships with each other.

Our Hub Home is a dedicated location that helps foster carers to connect, reflect and grow.

Regular Social Events image

Regular social events

For the fostering community to connect and build relationships with each other.